Updates on Half Mystic's Issue II: Saudade

It makes my heart quake & my hands tremble to say this, but here it is: We are just under two months away from the release of the second issue of the literary journal which I founded & where I now serve as the editor-in-chief, Half Mystic.

Can you believe it has been over a year since I first unveiled this new project of mine? How far we have come since then! With your support & the support of our gorgeous, shining readers, we have published our inaugural issue (which has done so well that we are nearly sold out of our second print run), conducted interviews with some of today's most promising up-and-coming musicians (am I the only one who still pinches myself when I remember that Fleurie & Dorothy Chan's words are on our website?), and continue to write a blog on literature, art, melody, and the transcendent, resonant ways in which they intertwine.

Suffice to say: we have created a damn good thing.

I must admit that, in the beginning, our second issue seemed a far-off dream to me. To have a second issue at all would mean staying alive for a year and a half, would mean hiring a full staff of editors, would mean publishing a successful first issue. So many hurdles to jump over. So many ways the story could go wrong.

Two months may seem like a long time. But after all that we have worked for & all of the love we have poured into this small beautiful shining journal, I promise it is not.

It feels something like a miracle that I get to see Issue II come into its production stage, weave together each of the contributors' pieces into something at once ringing with truth in every component of itself and greater than the sum of its parts. How honoured I feel to serve as the editor-in-chief for Half Mystic. And how excited I am to bring Issue II into being. To share its light with you.

Our latest updates:

We have chosen a winner for our giveaway of Issue I: AllegroThe warmest of congratulations to Kwan Ann Tan, and to everyone: thank you so much for your support. Over 100 of you entered the giveaway and we are so delighted to see all of this love for our journal.

Submissions for Issue II: Saudade close on November 18th, and the issue will come out soon after. Writers & musicians, we want to see your work. Send us your softest melodies; we promise we will not flinch.

It is all happening.

It is all coming together.

I and our whole team have poured so much of ourselves into this issue. It is fiercely tender, infinitely gentle, and brimming with a certain mellifluous magic.

Preorder your copy today. I truly cannot wait to send it to your doorstep this winter.