Monsoon Dream, 2016

“The irony, of course, is now that I am growing hyperaware how fast my time is ticking down, I can’t stop noticing what I never did before. Finding things to adore, things to stick to, that my eyes have always skip-stumbled over: a gecko humming on the wall, exhilarated by its own smallness. Tourists at a bus stop smoothing down their frizz-static hair, already learning the language of a country halfway between humid & a hard place. Orchid on the table, gasping & singing into bloom. This is the way that remembering happens.”

A rumination on loss & longing, on home & hustle, on memory & monsoon season. A Platypus Press 2412 chapbook. Monsoon Dream has a 4.5-star overall rating on Goodreads; you can talk about it on social media using the hashtag #monsoondream.

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"Holds all of Topaz's voice whilst also managing to be greatly different from other works by this writer, and makes me nostalgic for Singapore even though I've never lived anywhere with such a monsoon season." 

Emma-Louise Adams, reader

“Fever dreams of Singapore. Utterly gorgeous.”

Samantha Chaffin, reader

“Marvelous and soft yet striking in its imagery and its feeling … I was enveloped in all of its tenderness.”

Stephanie Tom, reader

“It is hard to find words that can genuinely describe how I am feeling after this. Not exactly like finally coming home after a long journey – it is something else, the way I got a small break through Winters’ words from whatever it was that has been on my mind for way too long … I find it remarkable how much Winters appears to have matured in this chapbook with prose that is utterly powerful in how quietly, calmly it bleeds into my mind, only to paint whole stories of monsoon skies across it.”

Alwina Hermann, reader

“This book was just so beautiful.”

Farida, reader

“On the verge of change, we occupy alongside Winters that moment when we notice the way our shoes pinch our feet or our clothes beginning to fray. It’s growing time and in those in between moments where everything is changing, we struggle to find our home. It is lyrical, magical, and enchanting to read, using the monsoon season as a metaphor for our quest to find our home.”

Lili for Utopia State of Mind

“Gorgeous & in yearning.”

Yan, reader

"Sweet, short, haunting, and romantic." 

Kelly Cantrell, reader