A note on illness:

As you will know if you've read my essays or poetry, I have a few disabilities. They include: major depressive disordergeneralised anxiety disorder, hyperacusis, & obsessive-compulsive disorder. My most frequent symptoms are dissociation & chronic fatigue. I also experience intrusive thoughts, chronic pain, & suicidal ideation.

Sometimes I will refer to these limitations as "mental illnesses", "chronic illnesses", or "invisible disabilities". Sometimes I will simply call them "illnesses", "disorders", or "disabilities". Other times I will speak about the energy & bandwidth I have available to complete everyday tasks using the term "spoons" (read more about spoon theory here). They all refer to the same thing.

At the moment I am in therapy & on medication, & working towards managing better. 

Right now these illnesses take up far too much space in my mind & body: pounding at the walls, letting odd-smelling substances seep beneath the doors, playing loud music at all hours of the night. They are not lovely neighbours, but we are working towards a semblance of peace.

You can learn more about my unique struggle with illness in my TEDx talk. As well, the blog chronicles my journey to live & create alongside the illnesses that I will never fully escape, to keep pushing through their growling in my head. I like to think it's letting me express these things a bit better, & even help you understand how to thrive through & of & around your own limitations. Perhaps we could heal together. Perhaps we could learn to co-exist.