sponsorship policy

From time to time I post sponsored content on the blog. I only ever take on work if I believe in the business, product, & mission. All sponsored posts are clearly marked as such in the title & at the bottom of the post.

republishing policy

If you stumble upon something on the blog that resonates with you (a poem, an essay, a photograph, etc.) & you would like to republish it elsewhere—thank you so much! I’m truly honoured that you enjoy my work.

I do ask, however, that you please email me first to receive permission before you use my work on your own website, in your book, in your magazine, on your podcast, or elsewhere. I will almost always say yes, but I do appreciate being asked.

The same holds true if you would like to get a tattoo of a line from one of my poems or essays. That is such a beautiful honour, & I can’t express how delighted I am—but once again, please email me before you do so & let me know.

advice policy

If you would like writing advice, please first take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions. There resides in my FAQ the answer to a question I receive often: "do you have any writing advice?".

If you would like writing advice beyond that (or: advice on life, on love, on language, on how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich...), I am happy to accommodate. Feel free to get in touch. I can’t promise to answer all questions, simply because I do not know everything there is to know about writing—how boring that would be!—but I can do my best.

critique policy

Alas, these days it is difficult for me to make time to write my own work & also critique everything that comes into my inbox.

& so: if we know each other personally &/or if we have exchanged critiques before, do feel free to send me an email. If not: please give the Muse my best regards & look elsewhere. I am immensely honoured that you thought of me, but unfortunately, I must sleep.

If you are very interested in me looking over your work, please drop me an email to inquire about professional critique rates. I would love to discuss working with you.