Sometimes lovely humans interview me or write about the work I do. In the past I have appeared in places such as The Straits Times, Expat Living, QLRS, SaplingThe Wilds, & Cicada Magazine.

If you are a journalist, producer, editor, blogger, podcaster, or writer interested in covering my work, this is the place to find all of the information you need, as well as selected press I have already done.

You can get in touch to request a media appearance right here. I truly cannot wait to speak with you.

the basics

My name is Topaz Winters. I am a multidisciplinary poet, editor, actress, artist, speaker, creative director, & entrepreneur, working with a foundation in literature. Here is a photographhere is my Goodreads pagehere is my IMDb page.

My current ongoing projects are this blog, where I write love letters about truth, magic, art, illness, & how to create beautiful things for those still listening, as well as the publishing house & literary journal Half Mysticdedicated to the celebration of music in all of its forms. I share behind-the-scenes updates about these projects with my Patreon supporters.

I am the author of the books poems for the sound of the sky before thunder, Monsoon Dream, & Heaven or This. I wrote & starred in the award-winning & critically-acclaimed short film SUPERNOVA. I am the youngest Singaporean ever to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. In 2017, I gave a TEDx talk entitled Healing is a Verb. I created & maintain the Love Lives Bot on Twitter, a piece of digital art for the heartsick & wondering. A full list of publications & awards can be found here; a full list of larger projects, & press coverage around those projects, can be found here.

A few things I believe deeply in & am always willing to speak or write about: living with mental illness & how mentally ill people are represented in the media; the struggles & triumphs of being a young, queer, neurodivergent woman & artist of colour in the modern age; how best to support independent artists; how to remain soft while simultaneously being ambitious & powerful; the importance of art, poetry, storytelling, & creation for their own sake.

At the moment I am 18 years old. I live & work in Singapore. In 2019 i will begin studying creative writing & film at Princeton University.

official bio

Topaz Winters is a multidisciplinary poet, editor, actress, artist, speaker, creative director, & entrepreneur. Her work has been published in Cosmonauts Avenue & DIALOGIST, profiled in The Straits Times & Expat Living, & commended by Button Poetry & the National YoungArts Foundation, among others. She is the youngest Singaporean ever to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She serves as the editor-in-chief & creative director at Half Mystic Press; her latest book, which debuted at the Singapore Writers’ Festival, is poems for the sound of the sky before thunder (Math Paper Press, 2017); her latest film is the award-winning & critically-acclaimed SUPERNOVA (dir. Ishan Modi, 2017). She was born in 1999 & resides at In 2019, she will begin studying creative writing & film at Princeton University. She enjoys tea, films, wildflowers, & the colour of the sky when nothing is dreaming of it.

selected press

"Authors Recommend Their Favourite LGBTQ+ Media" in Bi Bookish Babe (2018)

Featured on the official Button Poetry Instagram (2018)

Featured in Expat Living, January 2018 Issue (2018)

"Notable Mentions" in Journeys: Winter 2017 (2017)

"For the Record: October 2017" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (2017)

“True Story: I have 4 Mental Illnesses” in Yes and Yes (2017)

“Inseam: Topaz Winters” in Thread (2017)

“Choosing Tenderness: An Interview with Topaz Winters” in Cicada Magazine (2017)

“Five Things with Topaz Winters” in Platypus Press' Read Fives (2017)

“Feature Article: Half Mystic” in Sapling (2017)

Featured as a Moledro Magazine Teen Poet (2017)

“National YoungArts Foundation Honors Indian American Teenage Artists” in India-West (2016)

"A Conversation with Topaz Winters” in Monstering Magazine (2016)

“Empowering Poems About Otherness” in Moledro Magazine (2016)

“Writers of the Week: November 18th, 2016” in Maudlin House (2016)

“Sweet Talk with Topaz Winters” in Sugar Rascals (2016)

“An Interview with Topaz Winters” in L’Éphémère Review (2016)

“May Promoting Creativity: Topaz Winters” in Rambling Writer (2016)

“Artistry: A Spotlight on Topaz (Six Impossible Things)” in Books for a Delicate Eternity (2016)

Featured on the official Wattpad blog (2015)

"Creating Paths to Peace" in Singapore American School Newsflash (2010)

selected events

Reading at sold-out Singapore Poetry Festival's [Insert Atomic Name Here] event at Mandarin Gallery (2018)

Reading & discussion at Singapore Poetry Festival's Youth is Wasted on the Young round table event at Woodlands Regional Library (2018)

On-demand poetry writing at BooksActually’s Read to Teleport Pop-Up Launch Party (2018)

Reading, hosting, & introduction at Half Mystic Journal’s Issue IV: Grazioso launch (2017)

Reading at the Singapore Writers Festival poems for the sound of the sky before thunder launch (2017)

“Healing is a Verb” at TEDxYouth@SAS: Prism of Possibilities (2017)

“Lightning / Hunger” at YoungArts Finalist Week Showcase (2017)

creations & fanart

Creations that beautiful people have made, inspired by me & my work. (Truly, these make me smile every time I see them. I have so much love & respect for artists.)

If you’re searching for art made in response to specific projects, take a look at their dedicated pages!