Queering Poetics, 2018

“This qualitative study explores identity formation in LGBT+ Singaporean adolescents, and how reading, writing, and listening to poetry shapes Singaporean adolescents’ social identities as queer people. Analysing in-depth interviews with nine LGBT+ Singaporean adolescents, four themes were found: (1) LGBT+ Singaporean adolescents interested in poetry believe that reading, writing, and/or listening to poetry has been an integral part of constructing their queer identities; (2) the poems that have impacted LGBT+ Singaporean adolescents’ queer identities the most have been informed by queer sociocultural values; (3) poetry provides validation to LGBT+ Singaporean adolescents that their identities are real and that others before them have experienced the same challenges they are going through; and (4) poetry serves as a third space for LGBT+ Singaporean adolescents to safely construct their growing queer identities. Implications for teachers, counsellors, and adult supporters of queer Singaporean adolescents are discussed, and recommendations for future research are provided.”

Queering Poetics: The Impact of Poetry on LGBT+ Identity in Singaporean Adolescents is a research paper published in the Journal of Homosexuality, the world’s oldest & best-known peer-reviewed journal dedicated specifically to promoting groundbreaking research on LGBT+ subjects. It was published online on November 8, 2018, & will be published in the next print issue of the Journal of Homosexuality in 2019.

Topaz Winters was 19 years old when it was published, making her the youngest scholar ever to be published in the Journal of Homosexuality. You can talk about Queering Poetics on social media using the hashtag #queeringpoetics.

read & cite the paper in the Journal of Homosexuality (for scholars) | read the paper on google drive (for casual readers)