“It is so easy to believe that I’m made entirely of empty space. Loneliness is familiar—it’s blue & flushed, like remembering. It’s a mother tongue. It comes so easily to me. I disappear into myself & I find solar systems, galaxies. I understand more than I ever could when I’m surrounded by others.”

A film exploring the loveliness in loneliness & the infinite wonder we find when we allow ourselves to bloom into the empty. A soft sense of purpose, how it sings within & around itself: this is so, this is so, this is so.

SUPERNOVA is a short film written by & starring Topaz Winters. It was directed by Ishan Modi, chosen as an official selection for the Newark International Film Festival, Across Asia Youth Film Festival, & Laurie Nelson Film Festival, & shortlisted for the My Rode Reel Film Festival & CINE Golden Eagle Awards. Winters received the Overall Best Actress award at the Singapore International Student Film Festival for her leading performance.

SUPERNOVA has been watched 2000 times on Youtube; you can talk about it on social media using the hashtag #supernovafilm.

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“[A] softly-glowing, blue-hued body of filmic wonder … poetic filmmaking at its best.”

Kanika Lawton, author of Wildfire Heart, for L’Éphémère Review

“A masterpiece of blue space and sprawling tempo … [Winters is] lyrical and enthralling.”

Lydia Eileen for Half Mystic

“So incredibly hollowing … made us feel like were experiencing a universal feeling we couldn’t quite name.”

Kim Hoyos for The Light Leaks

“Despite the film being short, I got sucked into it. I seemed to have blinked and it was over … Quick, poetic yet out of this world.”

Rachel Poli for rachel poli