I’d like to begin with this:

if you have ever read one of my books or essays or poems; if you have ever watched one of my films; if my work has ever reminded you of someone you love; if you have ever shared the link to a blog post with a friend in need; if you have ever sent me a comment, a question, a story, a connection that my work sparked in you; if you have ever let my art come into your life & touch you in any way…

thank you.

It is truly the greatest gift I could dream of. You bring me unfathomable joy.

If you find light in what I do & would like to support me even more, there is another way you can do so directly.

I am a 100% independently-funded creator (poet, artist, filmmaker, director, curator, editor, spinner of star-stuff, etc). This means: everything that I create, including Six Impossible Things, all of my books, my short film SUPERNOVAmy publishing house & literary journal Half Mystic& all future endeavours, are quite literally made possible by the support of beautiful people who enjoy my work & want to see more of it.

They show this support via a small website called Patreon.

On Patreon, you can support my work by paying a small amount of money (less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month). This allows me to have the recurring income that makes it possible for me to create art for you & bring it into the world. Patreon is one of the most affordable ways to fund the art you adore, & I would be honoured if you chose to do so for me.

Every week on Patreon, I share stories, poems, essays, & letters of silver-sweet-soft-sharp inspiration. Both the good & the bad of my journeys, but always something hopeful. Something rich & infinitely warm. Something you may not expect at first, but always to hold to your chest, to let melt on your tongue, to slowly learn to fall in love with. Everything I am learning as an artist & human goes on Patreon. I do not hold back.

These vignettes & excursions of the poetic sort, these explorations of small-yet-true wonders, these gifts of the lightest kind: they are what get me out of bed on mornings when the universe’s hurt rests heavy on my shoulders. I share them with you, exclusively on Patreon, because I know all too well how words change & save lives. I share them in the hope that perhaps they will remind you what it is to sing back to the thunder.

Patreon support allows me to bring my creations to you & leave them on your doorstep in stardusted packages. These supporters are the reason why I am able to bring filter-hazy dreams into reality, & I would be deeply grateful if you chose to become one of them.

It is very simple to offer your support – simply click here & navigate to the large red “Become a Patron” button. From there, select your favourite support tier. Click “continue” & sign up for a free Patreon account – & there you are.

Supporting me & all of my soft magical creations helps me keep working deep into dawn-soaked hours to make things for you. I am nothing alone, but everything with your support. You are what allows me to follow my dream & do what I so adore.

Click the become a patron button to join me on this journey.

There is no one I would rather take it with than you.

Endless love & thanks to my current patrons: Alina Kanaski, Briel Isaac, D.E. Kerr, Jasmine Walker, Jordan Hoxsie, Kim Graff, Paige Hetherington, Rebecca Harrison, & seven anonymous supporters.

If you are unable to afford ongoing Patreon support but would still like to help in the creation of my art, a small list of more things you can do to show your support: share the link to Six Impossible Things with your friends & family & lovers & followers; buy a book from Half Mystic Press or an issue of Half Mystic Journalread my books & leave an honest review on Goodreads; ask your local library or independent bookstore to stock HMJ, Half Mystic Press books, or my own books; make a one-time donation via PayPal.