(and i am aware of my heart:
it opens and closes—)

oh hello.

it is so good to meet you.

i am xvi years old. i live in singapore at the moment. i go to a large, impersonal high school and spend many hours reading books & listening to music. i collect words & stardust, and i quietly make art (poetry & books & music, mostly). sometimes people mistake me for a ghost. there is a soft & persistent mumbling in my head, so i write it down.

i have dragons & a dog as pets. they all think that you look lovely today. so do i.

sometimes i am published in places, such as the best teen writing of 2015 anthology or wildness or hypertrophic literary or the rising phoenix review. my work has been recognised by the scholastic art & writing awards and the jane goodall institute. also i am the founder + editor-in-chief at half mystic journal.

(here is a list of these things & then some more things. and here is a more formal bio which you can read if you are interested in learning about me in Proper Capitalisation.)

this is my blog. it is called six impossible things and it is a compendium of soft, lovely things that i adore. this is including but not limited to: stories & art & literature & music & poetry & philosophy, all of which are staples of my existence. also: it is about tchaikovsky. twilight thunderstorms. earl grey tea. searching for light amongst all of this darkness. mostly: it is about truth and magic and how quite often the line between them is not so clear at all.

once upon a time, not so long ago, someone told me i should give up, and this is a large part of the reason why i never have. sometimes i am soft as star-stuff and other times i am stubborn as stormclouds. i am learning how to wield both with care.

the quiet before dawn. the music after dusk. love and all it hides. impossibilities. the ocean. cheesecake. lp records. letters, the sending and the receiving. a very large stack of books. purring cats. words and their meanings. feminism. being an introvert. poetry & the people who enjoy it. good tea. city streets. open skies. speaking in lowercase. ampersands. the beauty in what’s broken —

these are my first loves.

this blog is my story.

hello, dear visitor. my name is topaz winters. i am a girl with raven hair and a sestina soul.

i believe in miracles and you.

why, there is always more—)