Big Things are Coming!

Scrawled 22 May, 2015, 3 Comments

Hi lovelies!

It has been quite a busy week, and so I must profusely apologise for completely missing all of the scheduled posts. Exams have begun (and are continuing for the next two weeks *collective groans ensue from overworked high school students*), so I’ve been frantically preparing for those.

But! I have a much more exciting excuse for why I’ve been away – I’ve been preparing a brand-new design for Six Impossible Things!

(I have to add: you guys have no idea how difficult it’s been to keep this from you. I mentioned it about 14 times in the first draft of posts, but I always ended up editing it out. I am insanely, ridiculously excited for you to finally see it.)

There is a new photoshoot coming. Some new categories. New fonts. A new colour scheme. Oh, how I love my colour schemes. ;)

(The dragons are staying, of course. I think this blog would possibly collapse without the dragons. They keep things running around here.)

But nevertheless – many, many new things are on the horizon!

I’m going to attempt to get everything up tonight, but please do forgive me if the blog is sporadically down – I am a notorious perfectionist, so I may be tweaking and fiddling around with things over the weekend. I can guarantee that it will all be finished by Monday, though, and then you lovelies will get the Official Tour. (And we know I’m getting Official when I start Capitalising Random Words, don’t we?)

Look out for the changes during the next few days. Big things are coming!

*maniacal laughter fades away in the distance*


Me Me Me Monday (42)

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Hi all!

Oh, goodness, it’s been a long weekend. I feel like the world is spinning far too fast for me these days; I kind of wish it would stop for awhile and give me time to find my feet and relearn how to breathe again.

But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon, and so I spent the majority of these past few days trying rather unsuccessfully to fight off sadness/anxiety. I’m going into this week even more exhausted than I came out of the last one, so we’ll see how it goes. If anything, this is not exactly a new occurrence; at least I’ll know what to expect on the mental health front.

I did finish a gorgeous book over the weekend, though, one that’d been on my TBR for ages: Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. It’s a remarkable and beautifully-written story. Highly recommended. And I would be remiss not to mention that the main character displays symptoms of both PTSD and depression – while it’s never officially diagnosed, seeing mentally ill characters in books is always such a comforting thing.

Musically, I’ve been marathoning The Paper Kites. They’ve always been one of my favourite bands, but I think they’re especially lovely during low times – currently I’m hooked on “Tenenbaum”, which is one of their older songs, but certainly no less good. Do give them a listen if you have the chance. They are wonderful.

How was your weekend, lovelies? Let’s chat in the comments – I want to hear about it. x


Friday Poetry: “Icarus’ Lament”

Scrawled 15 May, 2015, 14 Comments

(ETA: After much deliberation – and some lovely suggestions from Tumblr users – the title “Icarus’ Lament” was born. Thank you so much for your help, everyone!)

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for the lack of posting this week – I’ve been slightly struggling to get everything done school-wise, and so unfortunately blogging has fallen by the wayside. :( There’s quite a bit to catch up on, since exams are starting soon and all of my teachers are sort of stuffing as much as they can into the weeks before we all start cramming for finals. So do excuse me if my posting is a bit sparse – it will even out once school is finished!

This week’s poem was partially inspired by Christina Im, who has this lovely line on her website that I shamelessly stole and wrote a piece off of. (To my credit, I’ve been thinking about it for the past week and I thought I would implode if I didn’t turn it into… something. ;)) It was originally a love poem, but then it morphed into something rather different. I’m not entirely sure I love the results, but oh well, it is something indeed!

As always, thoughts + impressions + feedback are welcome, as well as any title ideas you may have  – I’ve sort of been racking my brain for something suitable, but seeing as I am a) terrible at titles and b) a hardcore perfectionist, this one is escaping me.

Regardless – I hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend. I’ll see you all on Monday. x


Icarus’ Lament

this is what hope looks like:
sparrows teetering, fluttering on the horizon.
you with your streetlight fingers, lighting the way
back home. all the wrong things said in all the
right ways. the place where the sky becomes
weary and, all at once, ceases to exist –

oh, but what do you know of oceans?
no more than sparrows, surely, the ones
who craved the wind and found a saltwater sting
instead. this is what hope looks like: two
different somethings turn into an everything
when they learn how not to fear the soft blue.

maybe there never was a wrong way to exist.
maybe your heartbeat holds more courage than
the sky knows how to put into words.

this is what hope looks like:
the raw and windy way sparrows say I love you.
the final song before the fall.

A City with a Mind of its Own

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Hi lovelies! I’m back from Hong Kong – bearing photographs, because I have taken the liberty of breaking out the camera once more. (I must concede that this decision had somewhat dubious results, but oh well, I should probably commit to it now.)

Hotel LaughterMuch hotel-based laughter, especially with my mother and sister. We usually don’t spend much time lounging around on holiday, but this was an altogether very relaxed trip.


Normally I am not one to take photographs of food – I’m really more the “eat to live” type, with the notable exception of cheesecake – but this pizza was obscenely delicious. I thought it deserved to be immortalised.

Dancing Girl 1

And oh, look – I’ve made a friend!

Dancing Girl 2

A dancing friend, no less. How lovely.

(It seems easy to make friends in this city. Everywhere one looks there is something happening. Some might call it overcrowding, but I find it rather inspiring. Inspiring enough, at least, that I should break out the camera, which says something in itself.)


Other notable events include the award ceremony, of course – which, if I am being totally honest, was quite standard as award ceremonies go. Many speeches, photographs, a pretty certificate, and so forth. One can fill in the blanks. (And please excuse me if I sound a bit flippant about this; it was three hours long and I think we were all half-delirious by the end, so there is that.)

Also: meeting + chatting with the infinitely wonderful Alyssa of The Devil Orders Takeout, who I did not think could get any better in person than she already is online. This hypothesis was shattered within the first ten minutes of conversation, during which she talked about literature, politics, writing, and the goodness of chocolate in quick succession. In short: she is beyond incredible. To put it mildly.

And so this is Hong Kong: a city saturated with skyscrapers, humanity leaking out of the edges. It is, I must say, a far cry from the rolling hills and glaciers of New Zealand – but still, there’s something jaggedly gorgeous about the stubbornness of it.

I think it’s a city with a mind of its own.

Off to Hong Kong!

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Hi lovelies!

This week has been rather unproductive in terms of posting, and I apologise for that… it’s seemed like a sad and sluggish fog has wrapped itself around me, and so I’m slightly lacking in motivation to do much at all.

However! Hopefully I can make up for it just slightly by saying that I am headed off to Hong Kong first thing tomorrow – I’ve won an award for high SAT scores! I took it in the eighth grade, and now there is an awards ceremony at Hong Kong University on Sunday. My family is making a mini-holiday out of it, which is quite lovely.

Fun fact for you: until this morning, I had no idea what exactly I had won the award for. I didn’t want to offend my parents – who have been bouncing off the walls in excitement – by asking, but I also wasn’t particularly interested in floating through the ceremony with only a vague idea of what was going on.

Do you see all these odd conundrums I somehow contort myself into?

I ended up sneaking in the dead of the night to my father’s study, in which he keeps a two-week backlog of mail (my mother calls this a hoarding tendency; I call it a very useful habit) and hunting through it all until I found the announcement for the award. And now, thank goodness, I am a little less ignorant of my fate. ;) Sometimes I thank my stars that I’m a night owl – it makes it much easier to go on these midnight expeditions through our shadowed apartment.

So, as a result, I’ll be gone from the blog tomorrow and Friday, and I will reappear once Monday pokes its head through the curtains. Have an absolutely wonderful rest of the week, everyone. Stay safe! x