“Winters does with words what no one else does. Boundless, elegant, somehow sharp and soft at the same time. I like to read poetry that has a kick to it, that leaves me feeling like I’ve been hit in the ribs sometimes. Winters does just that. … I for one have no idea how they write these poems—how they write with such depth and care dedicated to each one. It is, in fact, astounding. Their books are worth a read. Worth several reads. Worth a home on your bookshelf.” —Sophie Falkenheim, Goodreads reviewer

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current ongoing projects

Creator of the Love Lives Bot, a digital art installation hosted on Twitter: “An unconditionally hopeful reminder of how full of love the world is—in the places that mean everything to us, but also in the places we would never think of.” (est. 2018)

Writer of the column Silver-Tipped Swallow in Half Mystic Journal: “A reminder that there is always a kindred soul out there who hears the same music as you, one that has been kissed and bitten by it and still went on loving it. There is nothing more comforting than that.(est. 2015)

Founder, creative director, & editor-in-chief at Half Mystic, an internationally-acclaimed publishing house, literary journal, radio show, & arts organisation dedicated to the celebration of music in all its forms: “Each loving yet rigorously-curated issue, book, and radio episode is an emotional journey that brings together a diverse range of voices and perspectives. Each creation reminds readers of the multitude of ways music in all its forms permeates our existence, memories and imagination. I finished experiencing Half Mystic’s work wide-eyed and inspired, with a burning desire to write, make music, and create beautiful things. (est. 2015)

Writer of weekly love letters on truth, magic, art, illness, & how to create beautiful things for those still listening to an audience of 30,000 (est. 2013)


Portrait of My Body as a Crime I’m Still Committing, a poetry book chosen as a finalist in the Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize by Singapore Unbound & the Broken River Prize by Platypus Press: “Yes, the hype is real. These poems have all the intensity of youth and the sophistication of an established poet who already knows what the hell they're doing; the freshness of confessional and the dexterity of one who refuses to collapse into cliché.” (2019)

poems for the sound of the sky before thunder, a poetry book published by Math Paper Press & debuted at the Singapore Writers Festival: “A collection [that] feels like home for so many that want and bloom in the same way that Topaz does … gives the reader permission to try and find beauty even in the ugliest parts of their life.” (2017)

Monsoon Dream, an essay chapbook published by Platypus Press: “I find it remarkable how much Winters appears to have matured in this chapbook with prose that is utterly powerful in how quietly, calmly it bleeds into my mind, only to paint whole stories of monsoon skies across it.” (2016)

Heaven or This, a poetry chapbook: “An absolute tour-de-force … Every poem is full of fiery passion, and yet maintains a quiet dignity.” (2016)

Films, Speeches, & Papers

Queering Poetics: The Impact of Poetry on LGBT+ Identity in Singaporean Adolescents, a research paper published in the Journal of Homosexuality (2018)

Healing Is a Verb, a TEDx talk given at TEDxYouth@SAS 2017: Prism of Possibilities (2017)

SUPERNOVA, a short film directed by Ishan Modi; official selection for the Newark International Film Festival, Across Asia Youth Film Festival, & Laurie Nelson Film Festival; shortlisted for the My Rode Reel Film Festival & CINE Golden Eagle Awards; recipient of the Overall Best Actress award at the Singapore International Student Film Festival: “So incredibly hollowing … made us feel like were experiencing a universal feeling we couldn’t quite name.” (2017)

anthologies & collaborative novels

Poem “Teeth / Trespass” in Reclaim: An Anthology of Women’s Poetry (ed. Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, 2019)

Short story “Folding, Unfolding, Refolding” in Beneath the Lion City: Irreal Stories of Singapore, an anthology by Singapore American School’s AT Creative Writing Seminar (ed. Michael Clark, 2017)

Poem “Reaper” in Vanitas, an anthology by the Nepenthe Network (ed. Lydia Eileen, 2016)

Poem “Love in Goddess-Speak” in Some Safer Place (ed. Christina Im, 2016)

A Cathedral in a Mason Jar, collaborative novel by 16 authors (tNY Press, 2016)

Poem “Ocean Song” in The Best Teen Writing of 2015 (Scholastic, 2015)

selected awards

Grand Prize, Vocal Poets In Motion Contest for poem “Points of Faith” (2019)

Merit, Singapore National Poetry Competition for poem “Ars Poetica” (2019)

Finalist, Broken River Prize for poetry collection Portrait of My Body As a Crime I'm Still Committing (2019)

Highly commended, Ginkgo Prize for poem “Species Interactions” (2018)

Winner, The Ellis Awards, LGBTQIA+ category for poem "War Story With My Father" (2018)

Finalist, Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize for poetry collection Portrait of My Body As a Crime I'm Still Committing (2018)

Gold medal, Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools, Original Oratory event for speech "Choosing Tenderness" (2018)

Nominee, Pushcart Prize, nominated by Glass: A Journal of Poetry for poem “Trigger” (2017)

Finalist, CINE Golden Eagle Awards, Youth Narrative category for short film SUPERNOVA (2017)

Finalist, My Rode Reel Film Festival, Young Filmmaker & Best Sound Design categories for short film SUPERNOVA (2017)

Finalist, Newark International Youth Film Festival for short film SUPERNOVA (2017)

First Place, University of Virginia Young Writers’ Workshop Poetry Slam for poems “Rain”, “This is Still a Manifesto”, “Witch In Red” (2017)

Official Selection, Laurie Nelson Film Festival for short film SUPERNOVA (2017)

Best Actress, Singapore International Student Film Festival for performance in short film SUPERNOVA (2017)

Shortlist, Across Asia Youth Film Festival, Drama category for short film SUPERNOVA (2017)

Gold medal, Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools, Oral Interpretation event for performance of “Aubade with Burning City” by Ocean Vuong (2017)

Finalist, National YoungArts Foundation, Poetry category for poems “Infernal / Inferno”, “For H”, “Guidebook for Wild Things Wishing to be Tamed”, “Lightning / Hunger”  (2016)

1st Place, Writer’s Eye Awards, High School Poetry category for poem “So, Stranger” (2016)

Nominee, Pushcart Prize, nominated by Hypertrophic Literary for poem “The Wolf Pack Welcomes November” – at 17, the youngest Singaporean writer ever to be nominated (2016)

Gold medal, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Science Fiction/Fantasy category for short story “How to Talk to Imaginary Things” (2016)

1st Place, Poetry Out Loud, Singapore Chapter for performances of “The Applicant” by Sylvia Plath and “American Smooth” by Rita Dove (2015)

Shortlist, Write the World, Novel-Writing Contest for excerpt from novel Fragments of Aurora – “Topaz effortlessly spins a tale of wonder with the commanding voice of Scheherazade…” (2015)

Gold medal, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Poetry category for poems “Midnight Letters”, “Ocean Song”, “Last Night I Dreamed I Was Drowning”, “The Cartographer”, “When Spring Arrived” (2015)

Silver medal, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Poetry category for poems “First Love”, “Gravity’s Kiss”, “Light II” (2014)

1st Place, Jane Goodall Institute of Singapore Paths to Peace Writing Competition for poem “Serpent of Peace” (2011)

1st Place, Jeri Telstar Young Writers’ Prize, 10-12 category for short story “Jeri Telstar and the Attack of the Slimy Savage” (2009)

selected publications

Poem "The Night You are Diagnosed" in DIALOGIST (2019)

Poem “Every Day the Same Story About Immigrants” in Ghost City Review (2019)

Essay “The Gap Year: On Being the Only One Who Hasn’t Moved an Inch” in Journeys (2019)

Poem “About This Morning” in Tenderness Lit (2019)

Poem “Serenade to Surrender” in Monstering Magazine (2019)

Poem “When my First Boyfriend Learned I Was on Anti-Psychotics, He Laughed & Told Me He Always Suspected I was Crazier than I Let On” in Birdfeast (2019)

Poem "Origin Story" in Occulum (2018)

Poem "War Story With My Father" in Sundog Lit (2018)

Short story “The Year We Fell In Love & the Forest Happened Around It” in Corvid Queen (2018)

Short story “Flight” in Lontar: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction (2018)

Poem “What My Mother Said to Me the First Time I Was Chosen for a Random Security Check at the Airport” in Indolent Books’ WHAT ROUGH BEAST Feature (2018)

Essay “What Can Wonder Woman 2 Learn From the Mistakes of Its Predecessor?” in Shakespeare & Punk (2018)

Poem “Trigger” in Glass: A Journal of Poetry  nominated by the Glass editors for the Pushcart Prize (2017)

Poem “For H” in Reservoir Literary (2017)

Poem “Mealtime” in Cosmonauts Avenue (2017)

Poem “I Start Crying During the Best Part of the Film” in Rust+Moth (2017)

Poems “Quell”, “Lovesong to the Coming Storm”, “The Sun’s First Gift to Her Lover” in Eunoia Review (2017)

Poem “Witch In Red” in Heather (2016)

Poem “Infernal / Inferno” in TRACK // FOUR (2016)

Essay “Something Real” in Rachel Poli (2016)

Poem “Sacrifice Speaks” in The Mira Project (2016)

Poem “Cherry Blossoms” in The Rising Phoenix Review (2016)

Poem “The Wolf Pack Welcomes November” in Hypertrophic Literary – nominated by the Hypertrophic editors for the Pushcart Prize (2016)

Poem “Cherry Blossoms” in Wildness (2016)

Poem “Of Broken Glass & Fallen Lovers” in Silvae Magazine (2015)

Short story “How to Talk to Imaginary Things” in Phosphene Literary Journal (2015)

Poem “Midnight Letters” in -Ology Journal (2015)

Poem “Ocean Song” in Thistle (2015)

Poem “Midnight Letters” in Glass Kite Anthology (2015)

Poem “Sticks and Stones” in Survivors Blog Here (2015)

Poem “Cages” in Germ Magazine (2014)

Essay “Book Bloggers & Writing Success: Exploiting the Connection” in Authors Publish Newsletter (2014)

Short story “Oblivion” in Neon Ink (2014)

Poems “Hoodie”, “First Love”, “Gravity’s Kiss” in She’s In Prison (2013)

editing, judging, education, & paraphernalia

Judge of the Teen Writers category at L’Éphémère Review’s OVERTURE TO MEMORY Writing Competition (2018)

Student at National YoungArts Week, mentored by John Murillo, Sarah Braunstein, & Anna Chavez in the writing workshop (January 2017)

Poetry mentor at Glass Kite Anthology’s Summer Writing Studio (August 2016—September 2017)

Student at the University of Virginia Young Writers’ Workshop, Session 2, mentored by Sara Brickman & Derrick Weston Brown in the poetry workshop (July 2016, July 2017)

Poetry editor at The Teacup Trail (September 2014—February 2018)