Sometimes lovely humans interview me or write about the work I do. In the past I have appeared in places such as The Straits Times, Expat Living, QLRS, SaplingThe Wilds, & Cicada Magazine.

If you are a journalist, producer, editor, blogger, podcaster, or writer interested in covering my work, this is the place to find all of the information you need, as well as selected press I have already done.

You can get in touch to request a media appearance right here. I truly cannot wait to speak with you.

the basics

My name is Topaz Winters. I am a multidisciplinary poet, editor, actress, artist, speaker, creative director, & entrepreneur, working with a foundation in literature. Here is a photographhere is my Wikipedia pagehere is my IMDb page.

My current ongoing projects are this blog, where I write about truth, magic, art, illness, & how to create beautiful things for those still listening, as well as the small press & literary journal Half Mysticdedicated to the celebration of music in all of its forms. I share behind-the-scenes updates about these projects with my love letter list & Patreon supporters.

I am the author of the books poems for the sound of the sky before thunder, Monsoon Dream, & Heaven or This. I wrote & starred in the award-winning & critically-acclaimed short film SUPERNOVA. I am the youngest Singaporean ever to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. In 2017, I gave a TEDx talk entitled Healing is a Verb. A full list of publications & awards can be found here; a full list of larger projects, & press coverage around those projects, can be found here.

A few things I believe deeply in & am always willing to speak or write about: living with mental illness & how mentally ill people are represented in the media; the struggles & triumphs of being a young, queer, neurodivergent woman & artist of colour in the modern age; how best to support independent artists; how to remain soft while simultaneously being ambitious & powerful; the importance of art, poetry, storytelling, & creation for their own sake.

At the moment I am 18 years old. I live & work in Singapore.

official bio

Topaz Winters is a multidisciplinary poet, editor, actress, artist, speaker, creative director, & entrepreneur. Her work has been published in Cosmonauts Avenue & DIALOGIST, profiled in The Straits Times & Expat Living, & commended by Button Poetry & the National YoungArts Foundation, among others. She is the youngest Singaporean ever to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She serves as the editor-in-chief & creative director at Half Mystic Press; her latest book, which debuted at the Singapore Writers’ Festival, is poems for the sound of the sky before thunder (Math Paper Press, 2017); her latest film is the award-winning & critically-acclaimed SUPERNOVA (dir. Ishan Modi, 2017). She was born in 1999 & resides at In 2019, she will begin studying creative writing & film at Princeton University. She enjoys tea, films, wildflowers, & the colour of the sky when nothing is dreaming of it.

selected press

Featured on the official Button Poetry Instagram (2018)

Featured in Expat Living, January 2018 Issue (2018)

"For the Record: October 2017" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (2017)

“True Story: I have 4 Mental Illnesses” in Yes and Yes (2017)

“Inseam: Topaz Winters” in Thread (2017)

“Choosing Tenderness: An Interview with Topaz Winters” in Cicada Magazine (2017)

“Five Things with Topaz Winters” in Platypus Press' Read Fives (2017)

“Feature Article: Half Mystic” in Sapling (2017)

Featured as a Moledro Magazine Teen Poet (2017)

“National YoungArts Foundation Honors Indian American Teenage Artists” in India-West (2016)

"A Conversation with Topaz Winters” in Monstering Magazine (2016)

“Empowering Poems About Otherness” in Moledro Magazine (2016)

“Writers of the Week: November 18th, 2016” in Maudlin House (2016)

“Sweet Talk with Topaz Winters” in Sugar Rascals (2016)

“An Interview with Topaz Winters” in L’Éphémère Review (2016)

“May Promoting Creativity: Topaz Winters” in Rambling Writer (2016)

“Artistry: A Spotlight on Topaz (Six Impossible Things)” in Books for a Delicate Eternity (2016)

Featured on the official Wattpad blog (2015)

"Creating Paths to Peace" in Singapore American School Newsflash (2010)

selected events

Reading & discussion at Singapore Poetry Festival's Youth is Wasted on the Young round table event (2018)

On-demand poetry writing at BooksActually’s Read to Teleport Pop-Up Launch Party (2018)

Reading, hosting, & introduction at Half Mystic Journal’s Issue IV: Grazioso launch (2017)

Reading at the Singapore Writers Festival poems for the sound of the sky before thunder launch (2017)

“Healing is a Verb” at TEDxYouth@SAS: Prism of Possibilities (2017)

“Lightning / Hunger” at YoungArts Finalist Week Showcase (2017)

creations & fanart

Creations that beautiful people have made, inspired by me & my work. (Truly, these make me smile every time I see them. I have so much love & respect for artists.)

If you’re searching for art made in response to specific projects, take a look at their dedicated pages!